Awkward Fox

Introducing the cutest Awkward Animal yet, the Awkward Fox! We don't have very many so act fast!

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Awkward Animal Animated Clips Series

We are proud to introduce our first ever Awkward Animal animated clip series! All of your favourite Awkward Animals in silly awkward situations come to life.

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Awkward Giraffe

One of our most popular Awkward Animal with a unique adjustable neck. He'll fix any awkward situation. Well… as soon as he fixes the crick in his neck.

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Awkward Koala

Need a hug? The Awkward Koala loves to give hugs, if nothing is around she would hug herself… Awkward.

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Awkward Turtle

Guaranteed to rescue you from those everyday embarrassments and/or make things all the more awkward. Results may vary. Turtle Power!

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