New Shirts!

Brand new Awkward Animal shirts and hat! Extra comfy and soft!


Awkward Sloth

The Awkward Sloth finally made it to the party!! It was worth the wait.

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Brand New! Awkward Animal Mini Plush/Keychains!

We took out the shrink-ray and now your favorite Awkward Animals are available in a new adorable size!

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Awkward Giraffe

One of our most popular Awkward Animal with a unique adjustable neck. He'll fix any awkward situation. Well… as soon as he fixes the crick in his neck.

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Awkward Koala

Need a hug? The Awkward Koala loves to give hugs, if nothing is around she would hug herself… Awkward.

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Awkward Turtle

Guaranteed to rescue you from those everyday embarrassments and/or make things all the more awkward. Results may vary. Turtle Power!

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